What is normal spinal alignment?


Just as there are normal values in all bodily functions such as: temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar, and hormone levels, there are normal curves to the spine. The spine has one ideal position, which minimizes

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Why is good posture so important?


Posture is a window to the shape of the spinal column. Abnormal posture can be related to a number of health problems and increases stress and pressure on the muscles, ligaments and bones of the

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Does an adjustment hurt?


No. In fact, when vertebrae in your spine return to their proper position, you will notice much less stress and tension. Thus, CBP® adjustments actually leave you feeling great. We are confident that your visits

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How long does rehabilitation take?


We treat patients for as little as a few weeks to as long as two years, depending on their health conditions. The extent to which you choose to benefit from your rehabilitation is ultimately up

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What is a CBP® Adjustment?


A CBP® adjustment is the beginning process of rehabilitating your spine towards normal structure. CBP® certification ensures that the doctors performing the adjustment are trained in the proper way to change the spine. Just as

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Why is traction important?


Traction is the only known conservative method of restoring normal curves to the spine. Traction is simply a sustained force applied to the spine in a specific direction for the purpose of restoring normal spine

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Why is therapeutic exercise important?


Most of the time, it is necessary to perform very specific exercises as prescribed by Dr. Coleman. These exercises are designed for your posture and spine, furthering the goal of maintaining maximum spinal correction and

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Why are X-rays important?


X-rays determine where the spine is in relationship to the normal spinal models. Without an X-ray, proper treatment cannot be determined. Properly taken x-rays are like a blueprint of your spine. With X-rays, we can

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Can ChiroSolutions Center treat children?


Children are our most prized assets. Their health is often more important to us than our own.. We look to safeguard one of the most vital, necessary parts of a child’s body, the nervous system.

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