Most of the time, it is necessary to perform very specific exercises as prescribed by Dr. Coleman. These exercises are designed for your posture and spine, furthering the goal of maintaining maximum spinal correction and function through improved structure. These exercises are different from any other because they are created through careful analysis of your posture, x-rays and ergonomic/postural habits and each is designed to strengthen muscles that have become weak. There are more than 128,000 possible abnormal postures. The exercises are designated specifically for you with the goal of attaining that one normal posture.

Some of the exercises prescribed for you may feel unusual at first. Remember, the exercise is the exact opposite of your abnormal posture. With that in mind, your muscles are not used to working in that position, and it can take time before you grow accustomed. Be patient. Abnormal posture takes time to develop and also takes time to correct. Some soreness might occur which is a good sign that you are performing the exercises properly. Some soreness is expected, but pain is not. Always remember that water consumption can ease soreness. Water is your friend and a key nutrient to your treatment success!